Sunday 5th June, 2016

'BIG' Day tomorrow here in Mackay: 715 Students x 3 sessions at Fitzgerald State School, then another hour with 40 Teachers in an In-Service session after School. Then back again on Tuesday for 2 'creative workshops' with gifted/enthusiastic Students from Years 3-6



1st June, 2016: Walkerston State School (Mackay Schools Tour)

Visiting Walkerston State School, in the middle of sugarcane country .... out from Mackay. 5th visit there over the many years. 2 sessions with the 390 Students.
'Going home!!'


St Gregory's School .... Pic 2/4/2016

'Thanks Michael... One happy kid came home from St Greg's yesterday!' (Tina Brandt, St Gregory's, Queanbeyan, NSW)