Tuesday 22nd March, 2016

BACK in the NATIONAL CAPITAL next week ... "The Berra" 12 days to go ..... 'Celebrate Gungahlin' .... Community Festival, Saturday 2nd April. Also speaking to the Students of St Gregory's School again (Queanbeyan) as well as Palmerston Primary School (Canberra)


Monday, 21st March, 2016

Thank you Mr Michael Salmon, I love my new book. It was waiting at my door when I came home from school today. I'm reading it to 7, he loves it too. You're my favourite Author in the whole world.

You're the best.

Yisrael Buhn & 7


Tuesday 15th March, Allenstown State School

Visiting last Rockhampton School today: Allenstown State School, 1 session x 175 Students. Have had a great time up here in Central Queensland ..... Lots of laughter and smiles!