Guildford Public School visit, Sydney: 1/09/17

Guildford Public School visit, Sydney: 1/09/2017


2017 'Happy New Year'

Welcome 2017': I await with great interest ... to see what you have in store!!
This is the 50th year in my 'career life'. It started at 18 years old with a sell-out, 'one man', (first) art exhibition back in Canberra, 1967.
It's also encompassed along the way: Theatre work: stage managment, set & costume design, script and lyric writing, TV work: scripts, set & costume/puppet/character design ... and (corny) acting, Art: many exhibitions of paintings, prints, illustrations ...and large 'semi-sculpture' cut-out wooden figures. Children's Literature: the writing and illustrating of many books. Toys: the design and invention of soft toys, board games, fabrics & other varied merchandise. 45 years of visiting Schools, talking to Students .... here in OZ, as well as in NZ, UK & USA. Working with charities has been very important.
Many years ago I learnt that constant promotion, idea-flexibility, plain hard work .... and some luck .... MAY just help you 'make it' in the business of creativity in this country.
A BIG thank you to Australian Schools, Librarians, Parents and Children over the years ....


Last School visit Friday 9th December 2016

Tomorrow: Final School visit for this year, on behalf of the 'Books in Homes' Charity am presenting my show at Noble Park Primary School, then giving out bags of books to the Children. Looking forward to it all, the last time I visited the School was about 20 years ago. 22+ different ethnic communities represented.