Friday 28th October, 2016

Visiting St Leonard’s Catholic Primary School, here in Glen Waverley, Melbourne

They are having a special 'Book Day'.... 2 sessions x all 290 Students.

Organised over a year ago by their enthusiastic Librarian Kaye.





From the truly embarrassing Press files archive : 1971, I think it fair to say that everyday 'dress-up' for young people took a massive leap forward with the 'Psychedelic' 60's and the 'Glam' 70's ... going onwards. I recall my 'image thing' was somewhere between being Spartacus, the rebel slave .... and Atahualpa, the Inca Ruler! I had molded copper arm-bands, bracelets, and necklaces made .... stuff that Kirk Douglas would have been proud to wear .....


Last School on Tour: Monday 12th September, 2016

Week 7: Last School on my marathon tour, 38 Schools, over 10,000 Students in NSW/ACT. Am visiting Weetangera Primary in Canberra (founded 1875) They have their 'Literary Festival' all week. 2 sessions with all 400 Students.
It's been a most enjoyable time ... lots of fun, laughter, cartoons drawn and silly prizes awarded!!