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Guildford Public School visit, Sydney: 1/09/2017


Welcome 2017': I await with great interest ... to see what you have in store!!
This is the 50th year in my 'career life'. It started at 18 years old with a sell-out, 'one man', (first) art exhibition back in Canberra, 1967.
It's also encompassed along the way: Theatre work: stage managment, set & costume design, script and lyric writing, TV work: scripts, set & costume/puppet/character design ... and (corny) acting, Art: many exhibitions of paintings, prints, illustrations ...and large 'semi-sculpture' cut-out wooden figures. Children's Literature: the writing and illustrating of many books. Toys: the design and invention of soft toys, board games, fabrics & other varied merchandise. 45 years of visiting Schools, talking to Students .... here in OZ, as well as in NZ, UK & USA. Working with charities has been very important.
Many years ago I learnt that constant promotion, idea-flexibility, plain hard work .... and some luck .... MAY just help you 'make it' in the business of creativity in this country.
A BIG thank you to Australian Schools, Librarians, Parents and Children over the years ....