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I’ve been touring Australian Primary Schools for many years, cartooning and talking to Students. Over several decades now I think I’ve visited almost every area in the country. From Southern Tasmania, out west to the remote Country Schools, the mining towns, the sugarcane towns, along the Gulf of Carpentaria Savannah Schools to the Indigenous Schools up on Cape York.

It’s been an honour and a pleasure to be invited into halls, classrooms, undercover playground areas and Staff rooms.

In these hourly sessions I talk about the importance of creativity and how it applies to each Student, whilst illustrating speedily on the board. I talk about getting ideas for stories and drawings, relating my own sometimes humorous encounters … that led to a book title. Towards the end of the session I caricature a couple of Students, give out some rather silly prizes, and then the tables turn and we see the artistic talents of one or two of the audience. I learnt many years ago that humour, interaction and fast drawing speed are a most important part of the time spent together.

The sessions are suitable for all Grades and Years; I speak to as many Juniors as I do Seniors.

The best sessions are always those that have all age groups in the audience at the one time.

On other pages in this School section there are many photos, Press articles, Staff letters and some general Student feedback. Our School business terms are also there, a format that works well. Parents and little ones are always welcome free of charge.

These days I regularly meet Teachers who I last saw when they, themselves, were in Kinder, Preps or more senior Grades. Sometimes invitations are issued through happy memories and word-of-mouth, others via our regular fax-flyer broadcasts and mail-outs. I’ve visited some Schools four or five times over the many years.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any queries about a visit or would like to make a booking. Often the quickest method is to e-mail me (especially if I’m out ‘on the School roads’)

I look forward to visiting (or revisiting) your School someday.


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Children’s Author, Illustrator, Cartoonist

1 x Hour sessions
Business basis/basic session info:

  • NO booking fee is required, unless handled by a Booking Agency.
  • NO travel/petrol/accommodation fees are charged, the Author-signing/book sales usually help cover these costs
  • Cost per Student.: please refer to flyer in School Itinerary.
  • We ask for a minimum of 150 Students per 1 x hour session.
  • With Audiences of less than that, we ask that books please be bought for the Library to make up the $ difference.
  • The sessions are suitable for all Primary age groups, Preps/Kinders – Year/Grade 6’s.
  • Fully mixed age groups always work best work in each session (If possible)
  • Michael speaks to larger audiences on occasions: 150 - 500 Students. (Average audience is approx 190 Students per session)
  • Please visit the School section on Michael’s website to view Staff letters: as to session content being suitable for all age groups and comments re large audience numbers.
  • Michael provides books for an Author signing(s) to be held at a time convenient with the School (After School signings work best)
  • On confirmation of a booking, Michael sends to your School: an A4 envelope with floor plan/session needs/Author display info/+ promo posters for Author signing with prices marked.
  • If your expected audience size changes and you need to re-work the number of sessions etc, please let us know ASAP.
  • Please let us know if you need any further information regarding this.



  • I draw several cartoons as I go through the one hour session, illustrating & talking about creativity, showing how I get my ideas and then make up my books etc
  • In the last half hour of the hour show I caricature several of the audience members and ask another in turn to come up the front and draw.
  • The sessions are suitable for all Primary age groups, Preps/Kinders – Year/Grade 6’s.
  • Fully mixed age groups always work best work in each session (If possible)
  • I speak to larger audiences on occasions: 150 - 500 Students.
  • Please visit the ‘School Visits’ section on my website to view Staff letters over many years: as to session content being suitable for all age groups at once, and comments re large audience numbers.
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   040 822 7643

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